Software Engineering

Goals and Objectives:
Software engineering (SE) is about the development and application of processes and tools for managing the complexities inherent in creating high quality software systems. This course introduces the fundamental software engineering concepts and terminology and aims to give students both a theoretical and a practical foundation.
This course will enable a student better to engineer software development with Conventional Methods.

Course Description:
This course first introduces software and S.E. It covers then in detail Conventional Software Process, Requirements Analysis and Specification, Software Analysis and Design, Implementation and Testing. It will also give you an overview of Software Project Management, Metrics, Planning, Estimation and Risk Analysis. 

Text Books:

  • Software Engineering: A Practitioner’s Approach, By R. S. Pressman, 6th Edition, 2005.
  • Software Engineering, By I. Sommerville, 7th Edition, 2005.
  • Software Engineering: Principles and Practice, By H. V. Vliet, 2nd Edition.
  • Software Engineering: Theory and Practice, By S. L. Pfleeger, 2nd Edition.
  • Object-oriented and Classical Software Engineering, By S. R. Schach, 5th Endition.

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