Distributed Databases

Course Description:
This course exclusively focuses on the design and system issues related to distributed database systems. Students will learn the usage of different design strategies for distributed databases, and they will study query processing techniques and algorithms as well as transaction management and concurrency control concepts used in such systems. Design and implementation issues related to multidatabase systems are discussed as well.

Objectives and Outcomes:

  • By the end of this course student will have good knowledge of the issues and challenges faced while designing distributed database systems.

  • Understand the fundamental principles and architecture of distributed database systems.

  • Familiar with the different methods and techniques distributed query processing.

  • Develop the understanding of choosing the optimized query execution plan for distributed queries.

  • Have a broad picture of distributed transaction management and concurrency Control and distributed DBMS reliability and replication techniques.

  • They will be able to design a multidatabase Systems and can resolve problems of heterogeneous multidatabase systems in database integration strategies.

Course Contents:

  1. Distributed Data Processing & Architecture
  2. Distributed Database Design
  3. Query Processing and Optimization
  4. Semantic Data Control
  5. Distributed Transaction Management
  6. Distributed Concurrency Control
  7. Distributed DBMS Reliability
  8. Multidatabase Systems

Text Books:

  • M.T. Ozsu, P. Valduriez (eds.): Principles of Distributed Database Systems (2nd Edition), Prentice Hall, 1999

  • P. Bernstein and E. Newcomer, Principles of Transaction Processing. Morgan Kaufmann, 1997
  • G. Weikum and G. Vossen, Transactional Information Systems. Morgan Kaufmann, 2002
  • M. Buretta, Data Replication. Wiley, 1997

Furthermore, a collection of papers addressing specific topics will be distributed in class.

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