Advanced Topics in Databases

Goals and Objectives:
In recent years, there has been an explosion of information in a variety of environments that pose significantly different data management challenges than traditional database domains. Examples include semantic heterogeneity, sensor networks, World Wide Web, scientific domains, XML, P2P networks etc. This course is a combination of various advanced topics. The aim of this course is to explore the latest techniques, trends, ideas, and what are involved in designing and evaluating the cutting-edge database technologies.

Course Description:

  • Data integration.
  • Semantic heterogeneity.
  • Ontology engineering.
  • Data caching and replication.
  • Streaming data.
  • Semi-structured data (i.e., XML) storage.
  • Mapping between XML and relational databases.
  • Pervasive and mobile distributed database management

Text Books:

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Research Papers:

  • Data Integration:
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  • P2P Data Management


Furthermore, a collection of papers addressing specific topics will be distributed in class.

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