Data Warehousing and Mining

Course Description:

This course gives an overview of fundamental data warehousing concepts, in both business and technical terms. It introduces the concepts and strategies necessary to build and deploy a data warehouse successfully across the enterprise. Topics include Data Warehousing Concepts and OLAP, Data Warehouse Design and Development, Information and data Integration, OLAP Technology for Data Mining. Data Mining: Primitive, Languages and Application Developments.


  • Demonstrate an understanding of online analytical processing and data warehouse systems.

  • Describe methods and tools for accessing, analyzing and implementing data warehouse.

  • Define the decision-support purpose and end goal of a data warehouse.

  • Differentiate between a data warehouses OLAP and operational databases OLTP

  • Explain the implementation and organizational issues surrounding a data warehouse project

  • Describe techniques for data extraction, transformation, and loading

  • Use entity relationship diagrams to transform the business model into a dimensional model

  • Transform the dimensional model into a physical data design

  • Describe methods of data mining and what insights may be gained by these methods

  • Use data mining visualization and heuristic options in discovery and decision support processes

  • Apply classification and clustering techniques for data mining

  • Use some data warehouse and data mining tools.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction and Background

  • Normalized and Dimensional Modeling

  • Physical Schemas and Comparative Analysis

  • Data extraction, transformation, and loading

  • Data extraction, transformation, and loading

  • Data Integration

  • Data Quality Management

  • Parallel Architecture

  • Index Design for DW

  • View Design and Maintenance

  • Overview of Data Mining Techniques

  • Classification and Prediction

  • Clustering Techniques and Tools

Text Book:

  • Data Warehousing Fundamentals by Paulraj Ponniah, John Wiley & Sons Inc., NY.

  • Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques by Jiawei Han and Micheline Kamber, Morgan Kaufmann.

  • The Data Warehouse Toolkit (Second Edition) by Ralph Kimball and Margy Ross, John Wiley & Sons Inc., NY.

  • Data Mining Introductory and Advanced Topics by Margaret H. Dunham, Prentice-Hall, 2003.

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